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Non-JS conflict resolution might ignore reverts in specific cases
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The solution currently proposed in to solve T245505: Non-JS error handling when a conflict is submitted with no column selected might lead to unexpected behavior in an edge case where so user sets his edits back to the content of the base revision, does not selected a side and saves. In these cases the conflict resolution will be aborted and nothing will be saved.

Steps to reproduce

  • with above patch loaded and JS disabled
  • create a conflict ( e.g. by using your user account and an anonymous tab )
  • do not select a side
  • set the text in the "Your revision" column to the text that was written there in the base revision
  • publish the changes

Expected result
Since no side was selected the algorithm should bring the user back to the conflict resolution form ideally with an error message

Actual result
The conflict resolution is aborted and nothing is saved.

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Lena_WMDE changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Thu, Mar 26, 10:07 AM
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Stalled because we have decided to pursue a different approach.