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Provide two columns template/references editing
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Sometimes references or templates aren't converted from one language to the other. Users have to copy/paste each field to keep references or template working.

At the moment, you have to do the following:

  1. open the source reference/template
  2. edit it
  3. copy one field
  4. close the pop-up
  5. open the target source
  6. edit the template
  7. paste the field
  8. go back to one until finished.

Have a way to have the two references displayed in two columns, like the text is displayed when translated, would be a nice to have feature.

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For the initial version of Content Translation (CX1) we provided this kind of editor for templates. When the new version of the tool (CX2) was created that feature was left out. Since the new version was based on Visual Editor, the standard template editor was used, and building a custom one represented a significant effort. We don't have plans to work on this in the near future since our strategy is a bit different:

Improvements in both fronts seem more promising than building and maintaining a custom parallel template editor in Visual Editor for specific instances. In any case, please let us know about specific examples of frequent templates that are not correctly mapped so that we can investigate and use them as examples to improve the support.

Pginer-WMF moved this task from Needs Triage to Enhancements on the ContentTranslation board.

Thank you!

I was facing the case of {{cite news}}, on English Wikipedia not being transferred/converted to French Wikipedia. {{Cite news}} used to be used on French Wikipedia, but it has been replaced by {{Article}}. However, Cite news template has been kept for compatibility purposes, and this may explain why I don't have the compatibility I expected.

756 pages are using this obsolete template on French Wikipedia, and I'm pretty sure this could be fixed by the community one for good; a good way to guarantee the compatibility of the template for future usages. However, this would not cover all cases, like T221534 plans to. Can't wait to have this working! :)