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Refine design of ConfirmEdit captcha workflow in DiscussionTools
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This task represents the work of refining the design proposed in T247513

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Particularly, I thought that it's possible we would display three at once (CAPTCHA, red error at the top, yellow anon warning underneath), but I tried it for a bit and that's actually not possible – you can't get an error message and the CAPTCHA at the same time. So maybe it's alright as it is?

@matmarex, assuming F31699571 is what people will end up seeing then, +1 to what you and @iamjessklein came to: the current treatment looks good to me for a first iteration with the follow caveats:

  • 1. Are you able to deactivate the "Reply" button, as we've done in T246058, until after the person successfully completes the captcha? I wonder whether the current treatment will cause people to assume the captcha is optional and attempt to publish their comment without having completed it and become confused when they cannot.
  • 2. Are you able to change the captcha error message to "To publish your comment, please enter the words that appear in the box below (more info):" When possible, I would like for us to adapt generic copy to the talk pages context so as to reinforce the distinction in peoples' minds between talk pages and content pages.

@iamjessklein are you able to describe the refinements you and Bartosz discussed making in a future iteration in this ticket: T248594?

EDIT: filed shell ticket for design refinements.

  1. Configuring the message is non-trivial. Although we only use the distorted text mode on Wikimedia wikis, the captcha extension (called ConfirmEdit) actually provides multiple modes, for example MathCaptcha ("12+7 = ?"), so each mode can have a different message. Currently each mode only provides messages for creating or editing a page. One option is to add messages to ConfirmEdit for other types of contribution (reply/new topic) that are agnostic of the specific tool being used (e.g. they could be re-used by Flow).
  1. Configuring the message is non-trivial.

@Esanders able you to share a link to documentation where the cases in which people will be prompted to complete a CAPTCHA when using the Reply tool?

ConfirmEdit (thank you posting this) seems to describe how to implement CAPTCHAS, but not the scenarios in which people can experience them.

I ask the above in response to the feedback @Kaartic shared here:

When I try to post a reply after a few minutes, I got a request to complete CAPTCHA. The comment got posted after I completed the CAPTCHA but it's not clear why the CAPTCHA was necessary. It would be nice if the reason is mentioned somewhere.

able you to share a link to documentation where the cases in which people will be prompted to complete a CAPTCHA when using the Reply tool?

I think the following reason mentioned in T247513 applies in my case:

When a non-logged-in or new users makes an edit that adds new external links, they are required to fill in a captcha

I'm likely to be treated as a new user in enwiki beta instance and I did try posting external links. I'm not sure if I was shown a CAPTCHA only when trying to post an external link though. I'm also not sure in what other cases CAPTCHA would be shown.

Removing inactive assignee. (Please reset assignees of open tasks when offboarding staff.)

I don't think this requires further work. Please reopen and explain if you disagree.