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Blocks apparently prevent account autocreation
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when you use a blocked IP, and the project's community wishes you to be able to edit, they can usually grant you an IPBE. However, if you already have a global account, which just isn't auto-created on the project, the problem lacks a solution.

The only potential (and untested) on-wiki solution would be to create a global user group having ipblock-exempt, have the account autocreated that way, and potentionally grant local iPBE. That requires high amount of coordination between the user and other, highly-privileged, users.

Another solution would be to use extensions/CentralAuth/maintenance/createLocalAccount.php to force account autocreation, and deal with the issue using whatever procedure the project has for users affected by hard block.

I understand that allowing account autocreation through (soft) blocks means an user is able to bypass the block by creating an account at a minor wiki, and having the account autocreated at their target wiki.

However, this is also a problem, which (unless I missed something) lacks an on-wiki solution.

What can we implement?

  • Give stewards a button to force account autocreation from Special:CentralAuth at any project, and locally privileged users (sysops? checkusers?) power to autocreate an account on their wiki.
  • Add "affect account autocreation" checkbox to Special:Block.

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See also T234371

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See T132614 and the dupes listed there.

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