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No way to work around account creation blocks for global accounts
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A fix for T13148: Users can login with global account and create an account in a wiki even if IP is blocked from account creations resulted in good faith users from other wikis being unable to edit on a wiki where they don't have a local account and account creation is blocked for their underlying IPs. Administrators can manually create accounts for users who aren't registered at all, however there's no equivalent mechanism for global accounts. The only solution is to get an admin to run createLocalAccount.php which obviously would happen only in exceptional situations and does not scale.

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MaxSem created this task.Apr 13 2016, 6:35 PM
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In past months I have encountered many cases where users have account on other wikis but system is not allowing auto creation on specific wiki due to local block.

One recent example is this. While they have requested to create another account at ACC, but it looks like there's no way, unless someone login for them and do it.

I am wondering if there should be possibility that certain user (like sysop/account creators) can allow the automatic account creation in such cases after discussing with checkusers.

OTRS Ticket#2019052410005638 is an example of the problem.

OTRS Ticket#2019081310000247 is another example. I think a reasonable solution is to create a globalgrouppermission to Global IP block exempt that would allow a user to create an account even if their IP is locally blocked.

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T259721 has been proposed as a way to get around this problem