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Flow/Parsoid permanently delete the entered text after errors
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Yesterday I’ve tried to write to the Desktop Improvements feedback report page. After I’ve hit ‘Add topic’, Flow displayed some kind of DBQueryError above the textarea and replaced all my text with some message (I haven’t saved it, sorry) about Internet connection. (I think it was MediaWiki:Flow-error-parsoid-failure.) All the text I have entered was permanently lost, which I was pretty angry about, to put it lightly. (I was editing in the wikitext mode if that matters.)

Can this be altered so that either Flow or Parsoid don’t remove all the entered text on errors? If you want to show an error inside the textarea, far less frustrating course is to concatenate it with the entered text, not delete it entirely.

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The error message also contains incomplete sentence, maybe worth fixing in a separate task.

... If you still get this error please file a bug

Two issues: one, the errors shouldn't be happening at all; that's probably

The other issue is that Flow is probably handling the failure poorly; we'll punt that over to the StructuredDiscussions team.