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Spike: what to do with Wikivoyage icons in new design?
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In T252143 as we updated wordmarks and icons we encountered an issue with Wikivoyage. Four wikivoyage projects currently have logos:


The desktop logo doesn't deconstruct easily into the mobile version:

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 11.48.26 PM.png (195×333 px, 15 KB)
Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 11.48.15 PM.png (84×314 px, 5 KB)

That means until we implement some kind of solution things will look like this:

image.png (305×496 px, 112 KB)
image.png (667×375 px, 54 KB)
image.png (307×495 px, 36 KB)
image.png (667×375 px, 53 KB)

Perhaps we can create a separate ticket to figure out how we want to handle that?
I suggest we descope wikivoyage given this new information and capture it in a separate task.

Other variants:

  1. Use icon alongside text (and not repeat the icon)

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.51.51 AM.png (158×486 px, 11 KB)

  1. Have a single asset which combines wordmark and icon and serves it using the wordmark configuration.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.58.50 AM.png (788×2 px, 948 KB)

Questions to answer

  • How will mobile and desktop be configured for these projects?
  • What changes in Minerva (if any) are needed to support the change.

Sign off

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The task description isn't complete or confusing, there are more variants like this on German WikiVoyage, using English logo:

image.png (248×928 px, 25 KB)

ovasileva triaged this task as Medium priority.May 20 2020, 8:38 AM

@Volker_E and @alexhollender what do you think about just using a single wordmark on these projects rather than the icon + wordmark + tagline combo?

The just use a wordmark option 2) isn't using just a wordmark. There's a logo in the task description example too.

@Volker_E I think we are misunderstanding one another. I'm simply suggesting that we have a single asset that combines wordmark and icon, however we use the wordmark configuration to deliver it.

@Volker_E and @alexhollender what do you think about just using a single wordmark on these projects rather than the icon + wordmark + tagline combo?

I think what could work is option B in the sheet below (whereas currently we've been going towards option A)

wikivoyage logo.jpg (1×1 px, 273 KB)

Yep option B looks like the one I'm proposing.

The best way to approach that would be one of these solutions - can you suggested your preferred solution so we turn this into some actionable tasks @alexhollender?

Do nothing, keep the status quo.

CONS: Icon and wordmark would be same height - currently 18px high.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 6.12.23 PM.png (168×1 px, 24 KB)


  1. Update mobile to show the icon and the wordmark rather than just the wordmark
  2. Config change to add icon and wordmark.

CONS: all wikis on mobile would now show icon and wordmark combos. Possibly more testing


  1. Drop the icon from mobile
  2. Add the icon to Vector.

CONS: The missing icon will upset a few people, but at least it will be consistent with other projects.

@Jdlrobson I think the current blocker here might be community approval of the new desktop logo (though it seems like Timeless already does this in the header so maybe we don't need approval?).

We would be changing from this:

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 5.44.53 PM.png (159×176 px, 9 KB)

to this:
image.png (40×204 px, 3 KB)

This would also raise the question of whether or not we're okay with skin-specific logo configurations. It seems unlikely that Legacy Vector and Monobook would be able to use the same logo configuration we'd be using in Modern Vector and Minerva. Not sure if this is a concern.

In any case it seems like the size and lack of color we currently have doesn't make much sense one way or another : /

image.png (446×847 px, 135 KB)

@Jdlrobson I've created T273477 and started uploading SVGs there