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Spanish translation in Paymentswiki missing
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Line in Paymentswiki is not translated to Spanish (see image)

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 3.52.02 PM.png (1×920 px, 203 KB)

"We will email you a receipt to confirm your donation."


Te enviaremos por correo electrónico un recibo para confirmar tu donación.

I'd like to get the pretest email out tomorrow, if possible.

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It seems to be missing from a few files, here's where it's present in the interface directory:

./gateway_common/i18n/interface/sv.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Vi kommer att mejla dig ett kvitto för att konfirmera att vi tagit emot ditt bidrag.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/nb.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Vi vil sende deg en kvittering for å bekrefte donasjonen.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/zh-hant.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "我們會電郵給您一份收據來確認您的捐款。",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/zh-hans.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "我们会发送您一份电子收据以确认您的捐赠。",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/he.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "אנחנו נשלח לך קבלה שתאשר את התרומה שלך.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/ko.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "기부 확인을 위한 영수증을 이메일로 전달하겠습니다.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/id.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Kami akan menyurelkan Anda tanda terima untuk mengkonfirmasi donasi Anda.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/ar.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "سنرسل إليك إيصالا عبر البريد الإلكتروني لتأكيد تبرعك.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/qqq.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "A message explaining why we need an email address, even when the donor does not want to be on our mailing list",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/de.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Wir senden Ihnen eine Quittung per E-Mail zur Bestätigung Ihrer Spende.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/fr.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Nous vous enverrons un courriel de récépissé pour confirmer votre don.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/pt.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Enviaremos um recibo por correio eletrónico para confirmar o seu donativo.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/uk.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Ми надішлемо вам квитанцію електронною поштою, щоб підтвердити вашу пожертву.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/roa-tara.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Nuje te manname 'na mail pe ricezione d'a conferme d'a donaziona toje",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/pt-br.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Enviaremos um recibo por e-mail para confirmar sua doação.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/nl.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "We zullen u een ontvangstbewijs mailen om uw donatie te bevestigen.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/en.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "We will email you a receipt to confirm your donation.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/eo.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Ni kvitancos vian donacon retpoŝte.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/mk.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Ќе ви испратиме потврда за даруваните средства по е-пошта.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/bg.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Ще Ви изпратим потвърждение на дарените средства по електронна поща.",
./gateway_common/i18n/interface/tr.json: "donate_interface-email-explain": "Bağışınızı onaylamak için size bir makbuz göndereceğiz.",

Change 601754 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ejegg; owner: Ejegg):
[mediawiki/extensions/DonationInterface@master] Add Spanish translation for email-explain

Change 601754 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/DonationInterface@master] Add Spanish translation for email-explain

This is deployed and shows up fine. It does stretch into a second line though. I could take out the 'por correo electrónico' to make it more concise since that's kind of implied by the notice being under the email field.

adding @MSuijkerbuijk_WMF to confirm if this is okay.

Mariana, Elliot suggests removing part of the translation you provided so that it can fit onto a single line, so it would be:
Te enviaremos un recibo para confirmar tu donación.

See his note above. Is this okay?

OT re image in the description: The phrase Monto De La Donación is orthographically incorrect; should be Monto de la donación. Also, Monto sounds weird in Europe, unless that was the es-419 interface (Importe de la donación sounds more natural).

Same with Datos De Facturación --> Datos de facturación.

OK, I just deployed the shorter version of the email field explanation.

@Ejegg @MNoorWMF

I don't think that works because I understood that we need to explain/mention that even if they unsubscribe they'll get an email, right?

I'm sharing a few options below --including the word 'correo' for email--:

Elliot's suggestion:
Te enviaremos un recibo para confirmar tu donación.

Recibirás un correo con un recibo de tu donación.
Te enviaremos un correo con un recibo de tu donación.

Recibirás un correo con un recibo para confirmar tu donación.
Te enviaremos un correo con un recibo para confirmar tu donación.

@MNoorWMF I agree with @MarcoAurelio --Monto does not work in Spain, Spanish. It should be Importe

I got a comment on my patch directly updating the message, asking to do translations through translate-wiki when possible. I guess the bidirectional sync isn't perfect.

Here's a link to show the message keys for each field in the forms. The magic is in setting uselang and language parameters to 'qqx':

Here's the link to see all DonationInterface messages on translatewiki:

Once any desired changes are submitted there, please give fr-tech a heads up and we'll watch for the bot to commit the changes to DonationInterface so we can deploy them.

Hi @Ejegg - I submitted some updates to yesterday and those where committed as to the master branch of the DonationInterface extension. Thanks.

Thanks @MarcoAurelio ! I've just deployed those updates.

@Ejegg Thanks. Is there any HTML that makes the titles to use CamelCase?


While the words for es were indeed updated, it's still using CamelCase which is incorrect for Spanish.