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Provide a list instead of "Warning: Other pages link to or transclude the page you are about to delete."
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Currently, when deleting a page on Wikidata the deletion interface shows "Warning: Other pages link to or transclude the page you are about to delete" when other pages link to the page.

The intention of this feature is to warn an admin who deletes an item that a page might be needed elsewhere. Many pages that we want to delete are linked from other pages like the list of request for deletions and . It would be great if whenever there are other pages a list of the first five pages could be shown on the deletion page with a link titled "See more" when there are more then five pages that link to the page that is to be deleted.

This would speed up the deletion workflow because it will take less effort to always visit the page that lists the incoming links and it will also prevent pages that shouldn't be deleted from being accidently deleted.

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@Ladsgroup @Addshore: is this Wikibase specific or a general MediaWiki thing/core?

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Thanks! Then I think it should be fixed there.

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I created at some point to do this, it shows up to 10 incoming links - can be used in the meanwhile until this is added to core. I'll add this to my todo list, though it should probably wait until after T288282: Build the page delete UI from DeleteAction, not Article and T288242: Refactoring deletion-related code (UI and backend) are done, and then also include links to the talk page once that feature (deleting the talk page too) is implemented