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Create survey messages on German Wikipedia
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Create messages in German and English, to support our two template prototype QuickSurveys.


  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype2-question
    • en: "Which of the proposals do you think would be most useful to implement?"
    • de: "Welcher der Vorschläge wäre deiner Meinung nach sinnvoll?"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype2-description-message
    • en: "Please check all that apply."
    • de: "Bitte kreuze alle zutreffenden Angaben"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype2-answer-2a
    • en: "2a: Active section highlighting and eliminating background highlighting"
    • de: "2a: Hervorhebung des aktuellen Bereichs und Reduzierung der Hintergrundfarben"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype2-answer-2b
    • en: "2b: Bracket matching"
    • de: "2b: Hervorhebung zusammengehöriger Klammern"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype2-answer-2c
    • en: "2c: Bracket closing"
    • de: "2c: Automatisches Schließen von Klammern"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype2-answer-2d
    • en: "2d: Highlight whitespace that affects formatting"
    • de: "2d: Hervorhebung von Leerraum der die Formatierung beeinflusst"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype2-answer-2e
    • en: "2e: Update styling rules and color theme"
    • de: "2e: Überarbeitung des Farbthemas"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype2-answer-none
    • en: "None of the above"
    • de: "Keiner der oben genannten"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-question
    • en: "Which do you think would be most useful?"
    • de: "Welcher der Vorschläge wären am nützlichsten?"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-description-message
    • en: "Please check all that apply."
    • de: "Beliebig viele können ausgewählt werden"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-1
    • en: "3.1: Better help text"
    • de: "3.1: Besserer Hilfetext"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-2
    • en: "3.2: Labeling required parameters"
    • de: "3.2: Kennzeichnung der erforderlichen Parameter"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-3
    • en: "3.3: Removing [[ ]] button"
    • de: "3.3: [[ ]] Knopf entfernen"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-4
    • en: "3.4: Make instructions more visible"
    • de: "3.4: Beschreibungen sichtbarer machen"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-5
    • en: "3.5: Grouped parameters"
    • de: "3.5: Gruppierte Parameter"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-6
    • en: "3.6: Drop-down menu for parameters with predefined inputs"
    • de: "3.6: Dropdown-Menü für Parameter mit vorgegebenen Eingaben"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-7
    • en: "3.7: Improve autocomplete"
    • de: "3.7: Automatische Vervollständigung verbessern"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-8a
    • en: "3.8a: Link to media selector"
    • de: "3.8a: Link zum Medien-Selektor"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-8b
    • en: "3.8b: Add image preview"
    • de: "3.8b: Bildvorschau hinzufügen"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-prototype3-answer-none
    • en: "None of the above"
    • de: "Keine der Optionen"
  • wmde-tw-template-survey-privacy-policy

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Unfortunately this ticket doesn't mention where these messages are originally specified? I fail to find this information on the parent ticket either. @Lena_WMDE, can you help?

Using the beta cluster as the only source won't work: It seems there is quite a bunch of unnecessary messages and redirects, and some possibly missing. Which messages are actually needed?

Sorry, I intended to fill in the messages myself but I see I've left an "attractive nuisance" of half-clues. The requirements are given in this private google doc, and last I checked there were some translations missing. We need German and English messages for both surveys. Please refer to the current demo article to check for default messages which might not have the prefix, and might have unusable default values on dewiki. Here's the configuration.

Thank you for picking this up!

This comment was removed by thiemowmde.

Unfortunately I think the numbering for the answers of the second survey needs to be updated. They were published with a different numbering system than used in the doc. I can update it there too - but it should now be:


Also for the privacy policy link, still coordinating on what that should be but I think getting closer to an answer. When does it need to be finalized by?

In T255745#6237207, @ecohen wrote:

Also for the privacy policy link, still coordinating on what that should be but I think getting closer to an answer. When does it need to be finalized by?

This is an on-wiki message, so there's no technical constraint on how it's deployed. I.e., immediately before the survey goes live is fine from a technical perspective.

Borderline typo:

en: "3.6: Drop down menu for parameters with predefined inputs"

Should be, "drop-down menu".

I've copied the updated translations and numbering to beta dewiki.

Lena_WMDE set the point value for this task to 1.Jun 23 2020, 12:16 PM

Links are adjusted to reflect the content language workaround mentioned in T256200#6252208

@ecohen Privacy policy messages landed here, FYI.

Here's an archive created with Special:Export:

Note that this doesn't block deploying the survey configuration, we can use the embedding element as the final safety interlock.

Configuration is deployed now, so the survey will appear whenever the embed divs are created.

Looks perfect. I added the Prototype 3 injection point, all messages are present in English and German, for both surveys.

Lena_WMDE claimed this task.
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