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lang zh-classical is invalid
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Various WD items (eg Niger) have labels in language zh-classical (as well as many other zh variants). This lang tag is invalid.

Use just zh or use a custom subtag like zh-x-classic (leading x-, and every subtag must be max 8 chars).

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The correct code for Classical Chinese is lzh.

It looks like some of these have been added by a bot, e.g. - it would be a good idea to ask the bot owner to clean up their mistakes.

I think otherwise this is covered by T44396 and T102533

Nikerabbit added a subscriber: Nikerabbit.

Can this be marked as a duplicate of one of those tasks?

I have recently moved all uses of the code "zh-classical" for labels/aliases and descriptions to use "lzh" instead, if this helps anyone.

@Mahir256 : see T30443 for a validation of the WD dump with rdf4j, and it still appears.