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Emergency read-only time for s6 (frwiki, jawiki, ruwiki) Tuesday 14th July at 05:00AM UTC
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Due to hardware failure on the s6 (frwiki, jawiki and ruwiki) primary database master, we need to failover this host to another one.
We'll do that Tuesday 14th July at 05:00AM UTC
We'll need to set frwiki, jawiki and ruwiki on read-only time for around 15 minutes (hopefully just a few minutes) while writes won't be able to go through reads will remain unaffected.

Event Timeline

Since this is just about three wikis I don't think waiting for Tech News to be delivered on Monday is the easiest way, so I've posted on (one of) the Village Pumps of Japanese, French and Russian Wikipedia to let them know now and not the day before.

I've also notified the communities that they need to create local banners if they want warnings in beforehand, and not just during the read-only period.

Thanks Johan, due to our limited capacity at this time, I think you did the needful.

This was done:
RO started: 05:00:39
RO finished: 05:01:58
Total RO: 1 minute and 19 seconds

Thanks for the support!