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Branch REL1_35 for all extensions and skins
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Core itself and Wikimedia production submodules have been done in T256376: Branch REL1_35 for MediaWiki and deployed extensions.

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The command would be ./ --branchpoint master --bundle '*' --core-version 1.35.0-beta --task T256376 REL1_35 but unfortunately we removed wildcard support in - will need to re-add that functionality first. :-)

Instruction above based on the last time this was done (by Dan, per SAL on 2019-10-04), but ./ REL1_35 --bundle '*' --core --branchpoint master --core-version 1.35.0 --noop exits without comment, and without the --noop does the same.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2020-07-14T09:34:12Z] <James_F> Running ./ REL1_35 --bundle '*' --branchpoint master --core-version 1.35.0 for T257892

Thanks to the wonderful @Legoktm, this is now done.