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Wikisource Export: Remove support for Wikilivres
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Wikilivres is a wiki similar to Wikisource but which conforms to the more permissive copyright laws of New Zealand. The structure of pages is somewhat similar to that of Wikisource, and so wsexport should be able to support it.

[Update, 2021:] However, the site is defunct.

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It looks like Wikilivres' API is not working. redirects to

I've emailed User:Arthur, who's listed as a sysadmin.

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Thanks for bringing this up, @Samwilson! This is really interesting.

Two follow-up questions:

  1. What way, if any, do Wikilivres users download books now? Do they have any method at all?
  2. What relationship, if any, does Wikilivres have with Wikimedia projects?

Actually, this wasn't my idea, but I forgot to attribute it correctly when I copied the issue over from Github as part of T255512. The original issue was by Tpt on Mar 22, 2013.

There's already code in WS Export for connecting to Wikilivres: just use the language code wl or wikilivres. We can't test this at the moment though, because the domain name it links to is wrong ( and the new one ( isn't responding to API requests. Or, actually, working for anything other than the main page.

At the moment, I don't know if there's any way to export books from Wikilives. I would suspect not.

As far as I know, there's no formal relationship between Wikilivres and Wikimedia, but I think its founding idea is to only accept works that are not in the public domain in the US but which are in New Zealand (where it's hosted; it used to be Canada I think, for the same reasons of more permissive IP laws).

Oh, yeah and I meant to add: if the wikilivres site doesn't start working again soon, I think we should just remove the small bit of code that supports it from the tool. It can easily be added back again later if required.

I've made a PR for at least fixing the domain name (.org instead of .ca):

It looks like Wikilivres' API is not working. redirects to

I've emailed User:Arthur, who's listed as a sysadmin.

@Samwilson: Did you get any feedback from Arthur?

Did you get any feedback from Arthur?

No, nothing yet.

The above patch has been merged, so as soon as starts serving MediaWiki correctly things should be fine again.

It looks like all requests are now redirecting to the homepage (probably this was the case before but I didn't check):

$ curl -I
HTTP/2 301 
date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 10:22:20 GMT
content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
location: /
server: cloudflare

On Wikidata and written that the was closed in August 2019.

That's true, but the site is actually still up, so someone is still paying the bills! It seems like a reasonably small configuration error (maybe with Cloudflare?) is breaking it at the moment, so maybe someone can fix that.

By the whois, the domain was paid until 2023, maybe the hosting too. It is a pity that its admins have not responding for about a year, there is no way to fix the site or find out the situation.

People involved with the project have been saying on-wiki that it is actually dead (the front page is just a zombie) for going on a year now, and the iw prefix is on a todo for removal on enWS along with deleting and/or deprecating all the related templates and references to it. Linking to it was also always iffy legally speaking due to the concept of linking as contributory copyright infringement (with which concept one may disagree, but which courts and legislators appear entirely at ease with). I think the relevant support not only could but /should/ go.

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Sounds sensible. PR:

It's a minor thing, and we can always revisit this one day if Wikilivres comes back.

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