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CU 2.0: Cannot add new targets to investigation
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What is the problem?

I cannot add a new username or IP to an existing investigation.

(Using "Show all IPs of this user" or "Show all users on this IP".)

It submits the form, but targets is blank.

I think because it gets the username/IP from the data-cuc_user_text/data-cuc_ip fields (resp.), but they don't exist anymore since T259106.

Steps to reproduce problem
  1. Launch a new investigation
  2. Hover over the tool menu and click "Show all IPs of this user" or "Show all users on this IP"

Expected behavior: Page refreshes, the username or IP chosen in step 2 is added to the investigation
Observed behavior: Page refreshes, but investigation stays the same


Wiki(s): Local vagrant: MediaWiki 1.36.0-alpha (004012c), CheckUser 2.5 (9ec06d4)


This also affects tool links (e.g. URLs are now like, with no IP). Raised as T259967. It does not appear to affect filters.

Event Timeline

Change 619126 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dbarratt; owner: Dbarratt):
[mediawiki/extensions/CheckUser@master] Always use data-value instead of the previous data-FIELDNAME

Change 619126 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/CheckUser@master] Always use data-value instead of the previous data-FIELDNAME

I can successfully add a new IP and user to an investigation. The targets parameter in the POST appears to be correct, data in the Compare table and investigation header is updated.

Filters continue to work as before (e.g. correct exclude-targets in POST). Tested using the filters form and "filter from results" menu item.

In case of regression, I tested a few other things that I think might rely on data-FIELDNAME. This included copying as wikitext, the block form (correct targets are prefilled, filtered targets appear in dropdown, targets correctly filled when going to Special:InvestigateBlock).

Also in case of regression, data-edits and data-all-edits still appear in the HTML and are still used by functionality implemented in T251906. This appears to work as it did before.

Test environment Local vagrant MediaWiki 1.36.0-alpha (1ccdde7), CheckUser 2.5 (d9a3619).