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Blocking all third-party storage access requests
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In the Javascript console (at Firefox browsers) presents error messages like "Request to access cookie or storage on “<URL>” was blocked because we are blocking all third-party storage access requests and content blocking is enabled." For instance, it concerns "" and "".

Browsers cannot know that the Wikimedia, Wikipedia and the sister domains are operated by the same foundation. Maybe the domain usage should be changed for instance to,, and so on. I think it is not a problem to create domain aliases.

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Those urls don't need to change. We just need to stop accidentally setting cookies on them. I'm 99% sure this is just coming from things like "Geo" and "LastVisit" being set on all traffic.

Several browsers already block these and that's working just fine. They are not intentionally set. At this point it's just noise seen by tech-savvy users looking at developer consoles, which would be good to fix to avoid confusion but otherwise is harmless.