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Page content service renders Graph:Chart with spurious '\n'
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to the "Statistics" section.
  3. Scroll a little more to observe the spurious '\n' after each graph

Expected results

No spurious '\n' is observed after each graph.


image.png (904×1 px, 114 KB)

Environments details

Device: Samsung Galaxy J111F
Android version: 5.1.1
Wikipedia app version: 2.7.50331-alpha-2020-09-16

NOTE: Tagging the Android app as that is where I initially observed this. Also, I didn't observe such behaviour in the desktop and mobile websites.

Event Timeline

I did a bit of triaging on the issue. \n doesn't show up neither in mobile-html [1] nor in the alpha version of the android app even using an article revision older than the report date.


@Kaartic can you still reproduce this issue with your device?

This doesn't appear for me, either. I suspect that it was an issue introduced temporarily by a template or Parsoid change which has since been resolved.

Kaartic closed this task as Invalid.EditedSep 25 2020, 4:40 AM

@Kaartic can you still reproduce this issue with your device?

Nope. I could no longer reproduce this myself. Thanks!