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uploadstash has columns that are never read
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The uploadstash table has multiple fields that appears to be never used, only written to in UploadStash::stashFile (

us_orig_path - codesearch:
us_sha1 - codesearch:

Can the columns be removed?

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Removing the DBA tag for now as there are no action point for us.
Once if it is found if the columns can be dropped, please feel a Blocked-on-schema-change ticket (
Not sure which team own uploadstash table definition.

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They are both loaded into UploadStash::$fileMetadata. Before touching the database, that should be removed first (probably with a deprecation process as they are part of a public method's return value) and if that doesn't break anything they can be dropped.

They certainly don't seem useful - us_orig_path is just the path to the tempfile that got copied into the stash, and the sha1 is already part of us_props and that's where the upload code reads it from, and having a sha1 DB field for the stash doesn't seem terribly useful, as the stash is per-user so there is little point in checking for duplicates.