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zoom-links get in the way of screen readers
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In image thumbnail boxes, the "zoom" link is before the caption, so people using the keyboard to navigate links have to skip over it every time. It should be moved after the caption, or even removed completely. What good is it? Who uses it? Perhaps some click tracking would help to decide wether we can simply kill that thing.

This report results from feedback from the German Central Library for the Blind
(DZB). Please see
for some background.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: enhancement



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maria.schiewe wrote:

Funny, I never used this “zoom” link. It does exactly the same as clicking on the displayed image which has a much larger hit area. I dare to say that the “zoom” link is rather useless and should be removed. If not, it should at least be positioned after the caption text and have an alternative text added to the symbol. (Although “zoom” or “magnify” are not the correct words, the image is not magnified, a new page opens.)

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