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Implement diff on sentence level (instead of per paragraph block)
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Author: stvrtg

For example, in the diff:

The edit separated the second sentence as the start of a new paragraph and inserted the text, shown at the beginning of the green field, as part of the first paragraph. The second sentence and after, now a separate paragraph, is still shown highlighted in green.

A search/comparison function inserted after the diff is formed which compares the pre-existing version and the diff output text, could unmark the pre-existing text from green to a nominal yellow color. This helps to distinguish text which has added from pre-existing text which has simply been shifted, moved, or transplanted.


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MediaWiki supports using different diff-algorithm programs. So if you find a diff algorithm that can do this, it may be possible to try that on a wiki (or your own (test) wiki) without having to change MediaWiki core.

Would be nice if could have this by default! There are a lot of other bugs about issues and lackings in the default diff algorithm.

  • Bug 69097 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Sentence-level selser for Parsoid would also help with editing pages which use languageconverter.

The way the diff viewer currently works, it can make it difficult to spot vandalism sometimes with this problem. I hope it does get fixed someday soon.

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