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Wikisource Export: Use dropdown or Universal Language Selector for language input
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Background: Currently, a user has to enter the language code in a text input. Some users have entered language codes we don't support, like zh-hans. To make this a bit easier and less error prone, we could change the input to a dropdown including all the supported languages or use the Universal Language Selector.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Provide a dropdown or Universal Language Selector for language input

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We've also talked about adding an interface language switcher (now that the interface is being translated). That could also use ULS.

Here's a patch to change it to a dropdown list of all Wikisources:

The list uses the Wikisources' names from Wikidata, and so can be shown in all languages (where the labels exist, anyway). Does that sound okay?

The Wikisource language input field has been replaced with a dropdown. The dropdown options are the full names of the Wikisources (translated into the uselang language, where available).

The language dropdown includes all the Wikisources listed in the site matrix, plus Multilingual Wikisource. I checked for all ~320 languages listed in the matrix.

We include a couple of close Wikisources, raised as T276887.

There are some follow up UX bugs/requests raised as T276891.

Test Environment: WS Export version 2.3.5-7-g807a549.

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This is now on production (screenshot example attached below). I'm marking this as Done.

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 2.00.02 PM.png (1ร—2 px, 548 KB)