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Log entry comment deletion through RevisionDelete doesn't affect CentralAuth and API
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Ruwiki admin Wanderer blocked himself, insulting ruwiki community in "explanation" log field [1]. This explanation was hidden [2] by other admin, but it still visible on CentralAuth special page [3] and API query "list=blocks" [4] used by ruwiki script [5] that strikes nicknames of blocked users on talk pages and displays a tooltip with block parameters on hover on that nickname.

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Hiding an action comment should hide it from CentralAuth and API too.


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It's not only the comment actually, even the username (when it's hidden)

Umherirrender subscribed.

The log is only the protocol of the action. Hiding the log comment does not hide the reason on the action. See T19053 for similar issues.

When the block is a suppression block than CentralAuth, Api and the special page reflects that:

Remove the block and add a new one or just reblock and try to change the reason.