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Denote in Library Card which publishers are indexed in EDS
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EDS only indexes a subset of our total available content. Users might want to make informed decisions about whether they should search in EDS or at the publisher's website. We can help with this by denoting in some way which resources are indexed.

This requires further refinement to understand what, exactly, we want here.

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Shashikantsingh7 added a subscriber: Shashikantsingh7.

Hi @ samwalton9 could you explain this task in more detail.since there is no good-first-issue to work on right now?

@Samwalton9: Could you please answer the last comment? Thanks in advance!

Hi - I'll write up some new good first tasks, this isn't ready to be worked on yet.

T271192 is a new good first task you might be interested in working on.