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Run jobs/tests for Wikibase libraries that are maintained on Github on PHP8 in CI
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We maintain a variety of libraries on Github that are used in Wikibase, and we would like to start testing our code with PHP 8, as support for this version is on the roadmap for

Most of these repositories currently use Travis for CI. However, making the change in Travis is not as straightforward (See comment T271109#6739532). In addition, and in accordance with the general direction of ADR 16, we would prefer to add these new tests as GitHub actions.


Acceptance criteria:

  • All WMDE maintained Wikibase related GitHub repositories run PHP tests in PHP 8 in CI

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Notes on possible approach.
In T270158#6698112 it was detailed that we can do everything we do in Travis on Github actions with little effort.
Thus one possible approach could be to stop using travis and use Github Actions.
This task should keep an eye on how T270158 develops

Declining as this is addressing the problem from the wrong end of the stick. Will open a task about testing WMDE repos on PHP 8 instead.

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Notes regarding travis and php8 that were previously in the description:

As demonstrated in e.g. (failing build example Travis CI builds for (some) Wikibase-related github codebases fail when trying to run PHP tests in PHP 8 environment with:

The command "phpenv global 8.0" failed and exited with 1 during .

Adding another now removed comment about running PHP8 on Travis CI (should be of relevance) suggests the issue stems from the fact that PHP 8 is not available in the old/legacy Ubuntu Trusty environments

Prio session note:
Noticed that this ticket was not picked up last week, but the ticket that was below it in the prioritization order was picked up.

To add in task breakdown: the list of repositories to take into account so that none is forgotten

I think the repositories would be:

We have a few more Wikibase repositories in the wmde org, but these three are the ones that have PHP versions in their Travis config, as far as I can tell.

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