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Investigate release for non WMDE maintained components [4hrs]
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The components to consider here are the software components considered for the Wikibase suite, i.e.

Potential categories of components to consider:

  • WMF Search Platform Team maintained software (Query Service, Elastic search)
  • WMF maintained mediawiki extensions
  • non-Wikimedia software

Investigation to be time boxed to 4 person hours.
Other possible categorization:

  • components that already publish Release Notes
  • components that publish Release Notes but not aligned with WMDE's expectations on the format/content
  • components that do not document changes

Acceptance criteria:

  • Approach on Release Notes has been defined for all recognized categories of non-WMDE maintained components
    • Where to put the Release Notes
    • What is the intended level of detail to cover in Release Notes

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Table of the status of existing release notes for components of interest:

Component NamePublishes Release NotesHas meaningful git logHas commits linked to phabricator tickets
WDQS Backend❌ (solution:T272265)
WMF Maintained Elasticsearch Extensions
Other WMF Maintained Extensions

The ADR looks solid, thanks!
I've made a small nitpicky change to make the language in consequences section less - arguable interpretation - "scary":

I'll close this task once this other pull request is approve or rejected.