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General fixes combining duplicate unnamed references picks name that conflicts with template
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In this edit:
AWB SVN 12432 combined several duplicate unnamed references.
For one set of references, it chose ref name="Taiwan Centers for Disease Control" based on the publisher name.
Unfortunately, it didn't check the templates used by this article. {{COVID-19 pandemic data/Taiwan medical cases chart}} defines a reference with this same name, but different content. The bot saved its change and left the article with an error in the "References" section reading Cite error: The named reference "Taiwan Centers for Disease Control" was defined multiple times with different content (see the help page).

Could AWB general fixes be improved check to see if the ref name it chooses causes the article to be added to [[Category:Pages with duplicate reference names]], and if so, use a different ref name?

This issue reported at [[User:Mikeblas/Robots_Behaving_Badly#Creating_duplicate_reference_definitions_in_COVID-19_pandemic_in_Taiwan]]

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Difficult to resolve this one. The references from templates aren't in the wiki text hence we can't see what ref names they use. The tracking category won't be generated until after the edit is saved.

The tracking category is visible in preview, as is the red CS1 error text.

OTOH, if robots aren't able to detect errors they're creating, perhaps they shouldn't be trusted to make edits.

The tracking category is visible in preview, as is the red CS1 error text.

Surpringly enough, bots don't look at the previews