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Include "taxon" and "located in the administrative... (P131)"
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As a query builder i am used to being able to search in the tree of taxons, values of property 131 and subclasses. Currently we only allow for the latter.

I get results when looking for parent taxons of felidae


checkbox: Also include values from subcategories of the property
Popover: Includes values that are lower in the tree of the selected property e.g. include instances of "painting" when filtering for "work of art". Checking this box will likely result in a more complete list of results.


  • the tree search now also works when searching for taxons and values located in the administrative territorial entity


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Things left to do here:

  • add more tests
  • adjust copy in en.json and qqq.json after final copy has been decided
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This is merged and should now be verifiable on the test sytem.

yay, works for me! but would love for someone else to double check with some more examples. (i checked the example above and instance of cathedral located (P131) in france).