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Wikisource: Determine Proposed UX Improvements to Errors on WSExport Page
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NOTE: It would be great if we could have a proposal of some sort by next week's estimation on Thursday, March 11th. Let me know if this is possible/too much, and we can come up with another plan, if needed. Thanks!

As a product manager, I want to know the proposed vision for how to improve the user experience on the WS Export page when users experience errors, so that the team can help lessen the confusion & frustration experienced by users when errors occur for ebook exports.

Background: We originally hoped to add some information for users when there were ebook export failures within the pop-up. We determined that this would be too much work from a technical perspective, so we are now hoping to add some extra information onto the Wikisource Export page (which users will be redirected to when they encounter an error). We know that some things are helpful tips/next steps for users when they experience issues, including: try again, try downloading an EPUB if you're not already (since EPUB files are generated first), and try to download without credits (if/when we implement such support). It may be a good idea to give users some of this helpful information, either on the Wikisource Export page or on a separate documentation page that they can be linked to. Meanwhile, we also want a light-weight solution that is relatively easy for the engineers to implement, since we are in the latter stages of the project & want to be able to shift our focus to the next project (OCR Improvements) soon.

Relevant information:

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Review the materials above with a special focus on error messaging and how we can improve it
  • Develop a proposed vision for how we can improve error messaging on the WS Export page when:
    • Someone tries to download a book directly from the WS Export & encounters an error, or
    • Someone tries to download a book via Wikisource, encounters an error, and is redirected to the WS Export page

Event Timeline

A proposal has been brought forth and shared with the team. A ticket is now being worked on: T277237. For this reason, I'm marking this work as Resolved. Thank you, @nayoub!