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Enable Content Translation in 11 Wikipedia as a default tool
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The Language team propose to enable Content translation on 11 wikis that met parameters (have MT and are better with CX based on statistics); the Wikis below are good candidates:

  • Kirghiz Wikipedia
  • Norwegian Nynorsk Wikipedia
  • Luxembourgish Wikipedia
  • Lao Wikipedia
  • Hausa Wikipedia
  • Corsican Wikipedia
  • Chuvash Wikipedia
  • Turkmen Wikipedia
  • Sindhi Wikipedia
  • Yoruba Wikipedia
  • Kinyarwanda Wikipedia

The Content Translation tool is available in beta for all Wikipedias. However, it is not permanently deployed or a default feature for all Wikipedias. The Language team monitors the deletion ratios of articles created with Content Translation and without Content Translation to determine the Wikipedias that are getting better with the tool. Based on the "better with Content Translation" statistics, we decide the Wikis to set the tool as a default feature.