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Reimplement all the skin module/feature things that have been randomly removed or are no longer usable in core
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  • ToC indentation (can't use 'toc' because of sizing, alignment, just generally weirdly inconsistent)
  • ToC collapsing (okay, maybe we should just use 'toc' anyway and just override all the weird bits?!)
  • visualClear class (randomly removed)
  • In-content catlinks styles on desktop-small, mobile (can't use 'interface-category' due to being monobook-styled)
  • thumb left, right positioning (can't use 'content' due to thumbs being monobook styled)
  • thumb 'magnify' link positioning (per above)
  • plainlinks (can't use 'elements' due to monobook/vector header underlines/borders, and who knows what else)

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Of relevance:

@MusikAnimal Everything seems to be fine except for the Timeless Skin as seen in the video below. It still reads as LTR besides RTL.

Timeless Skin

The search panel [input field] is shown in left-to-right, matching the page language (en) when it should be en-rtl

Thanks for checking! This looks like an issue with Timeless itself, per

It's going by the site language rather than the user's language. From reading the relevant commit, it looks like the developer copied styles from MediaWiki Core. Those styles have presumably since been fixed, but have not been copied or whatever over to Timeless. T280747 was linked to as the task.