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Set up Shellbox for Beta cluster
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Shellbox, as deployed in production, effectively requires k8s to manage the multiple containers it needs (php-fpm, httpd, prometheus exporters for both).

We can currently catch regressions in Shellbox with the k8s staging cluster in prod, but we have no active integration testing of the MediaWiki Shellbox client library against a running Shellbox until it hits prod.

Short of having a k8s cluster in beta, it theoretically could be possible to use minikube to set up a running Shellbox, but likely all of that would be unpuppetized.

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Legoktm changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 7 2021, 5:48 PM
Legoktm created this task.

@Ladsgroup weren't you working on some non-k8s solution to this some time ago?

Yup, it's up and running.

:o how and where?

The secret key is in the private settings repo in deployment-deploy01

I ran tests against it from my localhost, mwhahaha

It's not k8s but it's rather simple. I forgot the details. I can look it up (you can find the VM easily)

It's coming back to me a bit, It's a docker instance based on the README instructions.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2021-07-07T18:10:08Z] <majavah> create record as a CNAME to deployment-shellbox instance T286298