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Add namespace aliases to hrwiki
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Local discussion here.

Please add the following namespace aliases to hrwiki:

  • WP = Wikipedia
  • WPR = Wikipedija Talk
  • MW = MediaWiki
  • MWR = MediaWiki Talk
  • KA = Category
  • KAR = Category Talk
  • SU = User
  • SUR = User Talk
  • DA = File
  • DAR = File Talk
  • PR = Template
  • PRR = Template Talk
  • PO = Help
  • POR = Help Talk
  • MO = Module
  • MOR = Module Talk

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, some of those aliases won't be possible. For instance, mw is already an interwiki prefix for globally, and it's not possible to use that same string for something else (as that would make [[mw:foo]] ambiguous).

Same issue applies with the following aliases:

  • MW
  • KA
  • SU
  • DA
  • MO

The rest look okay on the first look -- but I didn't check very carefully. Generally, a string may not be a valid ISO language code to be usable as a prefix, and it must not be currently present in the interwiki map to be usable as an alias.

Please figure out some other aliases instead of the ones I highlighted. Thanks!

@Urbanecm Thank you for the clarification. I've restarted the discussion. WP seems to be universally agreed upon, so we can start with that - the other aliases can be agreed upon later, after further discussions.

Looking over aliases for other wikis in InitialiseSettings.php, I noticed a few discrepancies:

  • Line 3732: 'CA' => NS_CATEGORY, // T125801 (conflicts with cawiki)
  • Line 4032: 'М' => 828, // T127591) (conflicts with metawiki)
  • Line 4055: 'М' => 828, // T196719
  • Line 4067: 'М' => 828, // T197058
  • Line 4086: 'М' => 828, // T197565

As an afterthought, maybe a good change would be to standardize interwiki behaviour to avoid these kinds of issues, e.g. only links with a colon as a first character ( [[:m:Link]] ) should behave as interwiki links and map to other projects, while regular links ( [[M:Link]] ) should point to an alias?