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Introduce more opportunities for people to see and participate in the discussions happening on-wiki
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This task is an effort to organize ideas to increase peoples' awareness of, and participation in, the discussions that shape the content they read on Wikipedia and the upstream guidelines/policies/cultural conventions/etc. that ultimately determine how this content is written.

Theory of change


Approaches / Ideas

1.Expose the number of conversations happening on a talk page somewhere on the article/user/template/etc. page to which the talk page is attached. We might consider adding this kind of metadata to the Sticky Header the Web Team is introducing (T283505). More context in Sticky Header Review Notes.
2.Consider revising the Talk link that appears when viewing subject pages to be more action-oriented. E.g. something like "Suggest an improvement" per the feedback @Wugapodes shared at
3.Introduce a way to start a new discussion directly from a diff.T287833
4.Introduce a workflow for starting a new discussion about a specific change from within the page's history
5.Create an easy way to link to a talk page discussion within edit summaryT263314


  • People not experienced with editing Wikipedia have low awareness of talk pages, and the conversations that happen within them, that shape the content they read on Wikipedia.

Past efforts

Hebrew Wikipedia
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At some point, a "Tip" was added to the site's sidebar drawing peoples' attention to talk pages. via @alexhollender_WMF