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Clarify Design System resources & ecosystem
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There are various interwoven parts that make up the design system. Together, we will take a look at the interconnected tools, resources and environments that contain the source of truth and allow the distribution of system guidelines and components.

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Agree on the location of resources and on how will certain sources of truth (e.g. master component library in Figma) be shared

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The shared and several times refined overview and separation of resources has been responded positively.

A few questions were raised in the designer workshop:

  • Where should we share this overview best-possibly in future?
  • How to deal with one-off product components, will these be defined by tokens?
    • VE: Short take is, yes, tokens should be universally be applied and there should be as little product-specific token definition as possible to keep a greater consistency between our products. Nonetheless, we will run into a balancing need of centralized vs product specific tokens. Otherwise the centralized tokens loose on applicability.
  • Evaluate sharing WikimediaUI theme files as Figma Community files, funneled into T288370
  • Tokens and icons separated or combined? As Foundational base assets?
  • Tokens visualization in Figma and UI lib storybook?
    • VE: Wishful mid-term, not highest priority right now.
  • Should component design process be part of DSG. Further conversation in T287536

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Hi there, pasting my comments on the Figma here for tracking:

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