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SVG rendering bugs on a logo file
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I encountered some big SVG rendering bugs with this file:

Look at the file history, some versions are completely broken. Interestingly, the same files appear perfectly fine when opened in Gnome’s image previewer, which I believe uses the same SVG rendering as MediaWiki.


Screenshot.png (1×1 px, 263 KB)

SVG files:

Even after being passed through SVGOMG, the files were not working. I only managed to eventually produce a working file by doing a series of useless boolean operations in Inkscape, which I guess rewrote all the vectors.

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Hi @nclm, thanks for taking the time to report this! This happens because Wikimedia servers still use the ancient many years old librsvg 2.40 version.
This issue does not happen in recent librsvg versions. See for example

@Aklapper I would close it as a duplicate of T217990. The librsvg-issue, of arc-flags without space, is explained here: . This issue is the only issue explicitly mentioned by the librsvg-developer, in his blog why to not use librsvg-2.40.x: , so I would raise the priority to Low or Medium.

@nclm You can use my tool: with enable run svgcleaner to workaround this issue.

PS:I generally do not recommend to use svgo, and if so you should use noSpaceAfterFlags: false, for convertPathData as well as for mergePaths, see .

Thanks for looking into this. Let's do this. :)