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Investigate whether we can/should integrate Git/Reviewers with GitLab
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I just now became aware of this:

Probably worth thinking about what this looks like in a GitLab world - and/or whether there's some builtin GitLab feature that could handle it.

One complication that comes to mind: GitLab CE really only supports one assigned reviewer at a time.

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If you're mentioned in a MR, it shows up in your Todos (, where you can mark them as Done. So, one option would be for the reviewer-bot to automatically edit the MR description to tag the reviewers, maybe it could create its own section like:

## Reviewers from
* @kharlan 
* @someoneElse

One complication is that you need a mapping of LDAP names to shell user names, i.e. I'm "Kosta Harlan" in gerrit reviewer tagging land, but @kharlan in our GitLab setup.

Side note – does GitLab have some equivalent to gerrit's stream-events?