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Reply tool triggers an Abuse Filter at ptwiki's Village pump
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Try using the [reply] tool atédia:Esplanada/geral?dtenable=1#Discussion_tools_update

The error produced is: Erro: Sua edição foi impedida pois está tentando inserir um comentário diretamente na Esplanada. Tenha em mente que, de acordo com discussão, tópicos devem ser criados como subpáginas com o auxílio do gadget. Clique aqui para criar um novo tópico na seção geral ou clique aqui para criar um novo tópico na seção de propostas.

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Based on automatic translation of the error message, it looks like the reply tool was trying to add your reply directly on the village pump page (i.e.édia:Esplanada/geral&action=edit), but it's supposed to be added on a subpage (i.e.édia:Esplanada/geral/Discussion_tools_update_(20ago2021)&action=edit).

The reply tool usually supports that, and when I try to reply there now, I get the small message in the footer that the reply will be posted at "Wikipédia:Esplanada/geral/Discussion tools update (20ago2021)":

image.png (2×3 px, 701 KB)

Possibly this doesn't work correctly on that page when there's just one comment?

Also, I looked up your edit that was prevented on Special:AbuseLog, and the details include a diff: – and the diff looks like page corruption (it duplicates some content from the subpage that you certainly did not try to add). Maybe there's a Parsoid issue here too.