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make "advanced mode" default on ptwikinews mobile
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If possible, enable "advanced mode" by default for mobile users on Portuguese Wikinews.

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Heads-up to the corresponding engineering team, to make sure they have capacity for handling potential followup feedback and support input.

@Juan90264 poderia verificar essa tarefa também? Está parada há um bom tempo. Ela é semelhante a T293946

Is there more information on this by now? In my eyes, AMC should become default as soon as possible, so having a trial like this could be very helpful.

Advanced mode is a set of features just like beta features on desktop so currently this request is "enable all the beta features!".

Any of these features can be enabled individually by a configuration change and is probably worth considering each individually if you want to run an experiment/trial

Many wikis for example have already enabled the talk tab page feature and many wikis have enabled the desktop special pages to mobile users.

Features I am aware of (but there may be more):