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Feature request: Add indicators and coordinates to title section in new Vector style
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Indicators and coordinates are essential to many Wikipedia articles. Featured or protected status, or the georeferenced content are used across a wide variety of projects. Historically, these where placed with the topicon class, which placed them to the right of the title. Several months after the indicators where introduced most of these where moved to indicators, but coordinates remained with an specific positioning.

Nowadays, there's not any standard way to insert coordinates, but most of the wikis have adopted a version where the coordinates are displayed just below the title line, at the right. Most of Wikipedia versions have indicators above this line.

After iterations with the new Vector style and after moving the language selector to the right above the title line, indicators have moved down, creating a whitespace (T282027), and coordinates are causing problems (T281974). As we are doing some desktop improvements, there should be a standarized best practice to display both indicators and coordinates, and maybe coordinates should be moved inside the indicator tag.

Since there was an dedicated place for these with the topicon style, they should remain to the right of the title.

German Wikivoyage has a good proposal in this direction, making the display of indicators and coordinates more stable, visually interesting.

irudia.png (406×1 px, 212 KB)

Adding a good practice and promoting it may make this desktop improvements project more interesting.

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Aklapper changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".Oct 6 2021, 10:44 AM

I disagree @Aklapper. This is not a "Feature Request", this is fixing something that was working, and now is broken after a poorly designed move. It should be a bug more than a feature, but it's not something we would like to have, is something we had and is no longer working properly.

@Theklan: There has not been a dedicated place for indicators and coordinates before as can be seen in brokenness having existed for many years (random example: T180341 which also happens in classic Vector skin), which means it was not always "something that was working". Thus adding such a new dedicated place makes this a feature request. And might be a good idea to consider. (However, comments like "poorly designed move" may decrease motivation to constructively collaborate on such technical ideas...)

English is not my main language, and there may be a better way to define this. But if I have to assume good faith:

  • There wasn't a dedicated place for indicators and coordinates, but there was a general design that was de facto a placeholder.
  • Somehow, it was decided (no consultation, mock-up or analysis about that) that this place wasn't good and a new place was dedicated. Now there is a dedicated place, that changes the previously volunteer designated places, without discussion about that.
  • This new page created obvious design errors, and even some empty lines. This was noted 5 months ago. No one has tried to solve this issue that was created by de design move. It wasn't broken, now it is.
  • If a solution is proposed, then it is dismissed because "there are other plans". But no one know which are those plans and no one have plans for the some of the most used features at any given wiki: indicators, coordinates...
  • So, there are two options: the decision is bad or it has been broken in purpose. As I think that no one is breaking things on purpose, despite the fact that moving this and creating problems to the users was made on purpose, there is one option left.

And once I have started with this: I'm trying to give a solution to a problem that was open and obvious the very same day it was implemented. I'm not trying to motivate anyone, because there is a team that should be solving this instead of us spending volunteer time.

ovasileva renamed this task from Add indicators and coordinates to title section in new Vector style to Feature request: Add indicators and coordinates to title section in new Vector style.Oct 7 2021, 3:32 PM

Interestingly, pages with PAGEBANNER are showing indicators in the correct position:

Jdlrobson added a subscriber: Jdlrobson.

This would require some substantial but important rearchitecture to make coordinates a first class citizen in skins. This would likely need some changes to Geodata.
I did a quick POC here of what that might look like:
However to be clear this is not a quick and easy solution. With community consultation this could easily drag out 2 months.

Here's a demo page of how this could work:

The URL would be configurable like any other message:

Older skins would work as normal, however you'd need to hide the element in skins where the skin supports it.

However, you would lose the ability to render the coordinates via templates. The benefit of this however is that we can move the coordinates to any part of the page, it wouldn't just be limited to the article (or an absolute position within the article)