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Row E/F temp/humid probe installation
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This task will track the installation of the temp/humidity probes ordered on T295827 into the new PDUs in rows E/F.

Pending questions:

  • Is temp lead 1 or 2 in front of the rack in rows A-D?
  • Is temp lead 1 or 2 in the back of the rack in rows A-D?

We want to match the setup in rows E & F to the setup in rows A-D.
Installing the probe to the front of the rack is far easier before servers have been installed.

Each rack will need to have the following done:

  • - install temp probe 1 and route/secure the cable
  • - install temp probe 2 and route/securei the cable
  • - check either directly in the PDU software, or via librenms, to ensure both leads are reading both temperature and humidity.

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