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Log when a user copies an IP address [S]
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As in T279540: Instrument IP address copy action metric, we'd like to understand how many users are copying IP addresses.

  • When I copy an IP address, an event should be logged
    • The event_action property should be "copy"
    • The event_context property should be "ip_address"
    • The event_source property should be the action/page that I'm on, i.e. one of "action_history", "special_log", "special_recentchanges"
  • The ipAddressCopyAction instrument created in T279540: Instrument IP address copy action metric is disabled and removed
  1. In order to disable the ipAddressCopyAction instrument, the wgWMEIPAddressCopyActionEnabled stanza in the production config will have to be removed
  2. See the current.yaml files in the subdirectories in for numerous examples of JSON Schema schemas that are used in production
  3. wt:Event Platform/Instrumentation How To is a step-by-step guide to creating a creating a schema and validating an event with it
  4. is a step-by-step guide to setting up your local development environment