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Log when the user clicks the popup [S]
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Following on from T296415: Basic ipinfo instrument setup and first events [L], we'd like to know when the user clicks a popup and the overall click rate.

This task is distinct from the task above as it's blocked on T293723: Clicking the popup should take you to Special:Contributions/$ip.

  • When I click on the popup, an event should be logged
    • The event_action property should be "open_accordion"
    • The event_context property should be "popup"
    • The event_source property should be the action/page that I'm on, i.e. one of "action_history", "special_log", "special_recentchanges"
  1. See the current.yaml files in the subdirectories in for numerous examples of JSON Schema schemas that are used in production
  2. wt:Event Platform/Instrumentation How To is a step-by-step guide to creating a creating a schema and validating an event with it
  3. is a step-by-step guide to setting up your local development environment