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Civi "thank you letter summary" feature request
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Is it possible for Civi to allow us any or all suggestions below, under actions ---> send annual thank you letter:

  1. Choose the entire donation history to be sent under one email.
  1. The ability to choose which months/year to send the donation summary (AU fiscal year is similar to the Foundation's so they request a certain date)
  1. The ability to add the full name to the summary receipt or maybe to choose the "full name" as an option before sending it to a donor?
  1. PDF receipt (Similar to the CDN Tax receipts extension in CiviCRM)

This would allow the DR team to send the various summary receipts donors request, from Civi, instead of having to do it manually which is extremely time-consuming. We currently find ourselves having to send the same donor multiple annual summaries since we can’t combine the years or choose them by month/year. In the US, as an additional example, donors request to have their full name in the receipt for tax purposes, and not having the ability to edit that in the actual summary email in Civi, makes us default to the ancient delegated inbox we hope to close soon. There's no rush and please let me know if additional information is needed. Thank you.