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Live Vandalism Detection
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From the 2022 Community Wishlist Survey:

Problem: Abuse Filters are a great way of preventing problematic edits before they happen. However, guessing "problematic" is currently done using user segmentation, common phrases used by vandals etc. We have a much better tool to determine if an edit is destructive: ORES. If we were able to prevent all edits above a certain threshold, the workload on patrollers would be significantly reduced and, possibly, would prevent some communities from requesting and all-out IP-editing ban.

This would have to be blazing fast, and not use any mediawiki API or prediction pre-cache. But I think it could be do'able and is a concrete ask from the community so we should see what we could do.

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Some thoughts about this:

  1. We could trade prediction speed for more model performance (accuracy, f1, etc) by trimming the branches of any decision trees.
  2. It'd have to take wikitext as an input, no calls in an external api.
  3. It couldn't use any pre-cache.