Collection extension needs some way to credit original authors of a work


When we create a wiki page with content from other places (whose license is compatible with our wikiproject), we need to cite the authors of the work. Commonly this is made through the edit summary (because it will be kept in the history of the page). Nonetheless, the current system for generation of PDFs only add the authors which have edited the page in the wiki.

We do need to give credit the real authors the same way we give credit to the wiki users.

That said, it is necessary to have some way of indicate in the collection page additional authors, so that they can be added to the list together with te wiki editors.

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See also the problem described at:

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For a more thorough discussion of the problem see the (currently ongoing) conversation on page

(permanent link:

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mhershberger wrote:

Unassigning default assignments.

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from triage: <helderwiki> maybe it could have some new syntax for use in the collection pages <helderwiki> to indicate these authors (until the day MW provides this in the history of the pages) <v0lk3r> helderwiki: it would be better if the authors would be tied to articles and not collections <helderwiki> agreed

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A user mentioned two other problems on the following page:

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I don't think it's realistic for this to wait on bug 27629.

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