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Cannot create new global groups with XCache or CACHE_ACCEL
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I cannot create or edit global groups. I did run migrateStewards.php, and also added the appropriate permissions (globalgrouppermissions and globalgroupmanagement). Even after doing those things, I still cannot create new global groups or edit existing global groups.

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After talking to Brion, and getting a stroke of inspiration, we determined the issue is with caching. If XCache or CACHE_ACCEL is set, the cache may not clear properly, keeping old permissions even through log out/log in. Changing the cache type to CACHE_NONE has solved the problem.

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Because APC is not shared from the CLI to the web server, the cache purge from a maintenance script doesn't work. I would recommend triggering cache invalidation from the web by doing something on the wiki or restarting your webserver.