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Mirage edit button messages are wrong
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This is fallout from T300183: Reconsider skin-specific menu label item behaviour; the wrong message is picked. T301203: Update skin-specific menu labels to be more predictable, intuitive with better default values mentions that new messages will be defined with (I presume) the right text.

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Mainframe98 changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 27 2022, 11:27 AM

This is awaiting T301203.

Mainframe98 claimed this task.

rMW40d041e0642d: Introduces skin- prefixed message key for nav items fixes the issue without requiring any changes to Mirage. It would appear that mirage-action-add-section is now no longer necessary, but I can't determine if the fallback it would use that was added by T303012: [subtask] Permissions based errors should not reuse messags intended for skin labels will remain.