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Tab uses "change protection settings for this page" even when the page isn't protected
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The protection tab label is now always "change protection settings for this page", even if the page isn't protected. Previously the label would be "protect" if the page was not protected, and then "change protection settings for this page". I think this is a regressoin from 4776bed220a0c03647131804af26b53f6f7accdc / T301203: Update skin-specific menu labels to be more predictable, intuitive with better default values.

Screenshot 2022-03-02 at 23-13-23 Change protection settings for User Legoktm - MediaWiki.png (1×2 px, 245 KB)

The longer text both takes up a bunch of space as well as making it harder for admins to quickly at a glance see if a page is already protected.

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Ammarpad added a subscriber: Ammarpad.

I don't think this should block the train, per the resolution of T300169. This only affects non-default skins.

It can be temporarily fixed by creating the messages{skinname}-action-protect

And on monobook all the tabs (now on

Jdlrobson claimed this task.

We don't block the train for non-default skins and this is not a "Major stylistic problems affecting all pages" [1]

We're in the process of updating all the defaults for these messages, and this problematic message has been updated for next week's train which will fix Modern, CologneBlue, Modern and Vector 2022.


Half my pull down menues are in very bad German now. This has to be changed back to the correct version at once. It is not accetable that this glitch now stays for hours.