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Add notification_type field to echo_notification database
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Look into adding a notification_type field to the echo_notification table (or alternatively, reopen T296437 to renable Echo).

There was notificationType field in the Echo Schema but that was disabled and we decided not to reenable it in T296437. As a result, this either needs to be added to echo_notification or we need to renable Echo so we know the type of notification that was sent. This is specifically needed to complete the topic notification analysis in T280897.

Note: EchoInteraction is currently active and includes a notificationType field however, this schema only logs events that are interacted with by the user. We also need to be also to determine the types of notifications that are sent and not interacted with by the user (which we should be able to do with this addition)


  • echo_notification table is logging events with a notification_type field, which can be used to isolate events sent by the DiscussionTools (event.notificationType = 'dt-subscribed-new-comment')


  • All ===Requirements are met
  • @MNeisler verifies that aggregate data is landing in database(s) as expected

Event Timeline

Can you join echo_notification.notification_event on echo_event.event_id to get access to echo_event.event_type?

MNeisler closed this task as Declined.EditedMar 7 2022, 8:31 PM

Ah yeah you're right. I double-checked and confirmed that I can access the event type in the echo_event table by joining on the event id to determine notifications related to the DiscussionTools features (echo_event.event_type = dt-subscribed-new-comment). Sorry I missed that!

Based on that, I'm going to decline this task as this instrumentation is available in echo_event.event_type and I don't think we need to duplicate it in echo_notification.