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Improve the account creation request procedure when the captcha can't be solved (enwiki)
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Current procedure:

  • Go to
  • Screen reader cries
  • Follow "Request an account" link to
  • Wall of mostly useless text
  • Follow "Request an account" link to
  • "Have you tried to create an account on Wikipedia using the account creation page?" yes damn you, click "Yes, I tried to create an account, but I had problems"
  • "What issue or problem are you experiencing when attempting to create an account using Wikipedia's account creation form?" give me strength "I cannot read the CAPTCHA due to accessibility issues" which links to
  • Get another useless wall of text. First button below wall of text: a progressively styled button saying "Let me create an account for myself!" which directs RIGHT BACK to This is just moronic and insulting at this point.
  • Second link is destructively styled titled "Submit a new account request to ACC" going to
  • "Please note!" box is #856404 text on a #fff3cd background. On a page that will be frequented by people with impaired vision. SERIOUSLY?
  • Below the username field, the text "Usernames may not consist entirely of numbers, contain the following characters: # / | [ ] { } < > @ % : or exceed 85 characters in length." instead of this explaining, is it possible to alert the user in an accessible way that the entered username is invalid if they enter an invalid name? I know alerting is possible (and easy), but I'm unsure about accessibility.
  • In all the walls of text there were two useful bits of info: the username should not be (potentially) offensive and should not represent more than one person. This info should be added to as it's largely global policy anyway. (exceptions exist, but too rare to bother with)
  • The form elements appear to have no title attribute. Does this harm accessibility?
  • Fill out form
  • Send request

How it should be (besides fixing the above issues):

Note: accounts created this way should always be pre-autoconfirmed. (dunno if they are now)

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@TheDJ: I only just noticed T6845#7664178. GMTA I suppose.

Here's another thing: name the link "I am unable to solve this captcha" instead of "request an account".

Tgr subscribed. is maintained by the ACC team; they handle bug reports / improvement requests at and are maintained by the English Wikipedia community; the best place for suggestions is probably their talk pages.